FNE at connecting cottbus 2019 WIP Projects: Celts

    The Celts by Milica Tomović The Celts by Milica Tomović photo: Irena Canić

    COTTBUS: Serbian writer/director Milica Tomovic presented her low-budget film Celts at the connecting cottbus Works in Progress block, which took place 6 – 8 November 2019. The project won the best pitch award in the national selection of the FEST FORWARD at Belgrade's FEST 2019.

    The drama with comedy elements is set in 1993, when three generations of friends and family gather to celebrate a child’s costume birthday party, against the backdrop of the break-up of Yugoslavia. Economic deprivation and dysfunctional relationships define the situation, in scenes such as the comically sad moment when one of the children shows up in a better version of the birthday girl’s costume. As each character enters the apartment where the party is underway, they take up both physical and emotional space. Yugoslavia is a country under sanctions and everyone is poor, but the film aims to capture a feeling of nostalgia, with charm and, finally, a “feel good mood.”

    The film was shot in the spring of 2019 and is in the editing stage, with a final cut expected by the end of December. The producers are looking for partners to help with visual effects.

    Celts is produced by Vladimir Vasiljevic for EED Productions on a budget of 255,100 EUR. The film is seeking a final 27,000 EUR to complete production. In addition to postproduction, the producers are looking for financial partners and sales agents.

    Production Information:

    EED Productions (Serbia)

    Supported by Film Center Serbia

    Director: Milica Tomovic
    Writers: Milica Tomovic, Tanja Sljivar
    DoP: Dalibor Tonkovic
    Producer: Vladimir Vasiljevic
    Cast: Dubravka Kovjanić, Stefan Trifunović, Nikola Rakočević, Milica Grujičić, Jelena Đokić, Slaven Došlo, Nada Šargin, Jovana Gavrilović, Olga Odanović and Jovan Belobrković