FNE at WEMW 2020: When East Meets West Announces First Awards


TRIESTE: Projects from FNE partner countries are among the winners of the first prizes announced at the 10th edition of When East Meets West (WEMW) in the Last Stop Trieste and First Cut+ sections. Winners of Italy-Baltic Co-development Award and  projects benefiting from the RE-ACT - Co-Development Funding Scheme were also announced on 20 January 2020.

Last Stop Trieste launched a brand new award, First Hand Fabulous Award, consisting of rough cut dramaturgy as well as promotion and distribution consultancy. The award went to the Romanian/Ukrainian project Everything Will Not Be Fine directed by Adrian Pîrvu and Helena Maksyom.

The 10th edition of When East Meets West, which takes place in the framework of the Trieste Film Festival, will wrap on 21 January 2020 with the awards in its main section, the Co-production Forum.


Last Stop Trieste: 

First Hand Fabulous Award:
Everything Will Not Be Fine (Romania, Ukraine)
Directed by Adrian Pîrvu, Helena Maksyom
Produced by Alexandru Solomon, Ada Solomon

HBO Europe Award (cash prize of 1,000 EUR):
Between Two Wars (working title) (Ukraine, Latvia, Germany, Qatar)
Directed by Alina Gorlova

Flow Digital Cinema Award (postproduction services):
Everything Will Not Be Fine (Romania, Ukraine)
Directed by Adrian Pîrvu, Helena Maksyom
Produced by Alexandru Solomon, Ada Solomon

Film Centre Serbia LSTAward (cash prize of 2,500 EUR):
Holy Father (Romania)
Directed by Andrei Dascalescu
Produced by Anda Ionescu

Selected Projects Of RE-ACT - Co-Development Funding Scheme 2019 (10,000 EUR per project):

The jungle - Film Project (Slovenia)
Directed by Gregor Bozic
Produced by Nosorogi

The Lost Son (Slovenia)
Directed by Darko Stante
Produced by Staragara

God Will Not Help (Croatia)
Directed by Hana Jusic
Produced by Kinorama

Hello Isabel (Croatia)
Directed by Anja Kofmel
Produced by Jaako dobra produkcija

Drajcici – A village at the edge of Europe (Italy)
Directed by Otto Reuschel

I Have Never Been There (Italy)
Directed by Debora Vrizzi

Italian-Baltic Co-Development Award:
Bandiera Rossa. Ovvero come a 8 anni sono diventato comunista e adesso non so più chi cazzo votare
Produced by Sayonara Film (ITA), Exit Film (EE)
The Sisters
Produced by Fenix Film (LV), Albolina Film (ITA)
FIRST CUT + Winners:
ORKA Award (two weeks of colour grading services)
Listen (Portugal)
Directed by Ana Rocha
Produced by Paula Vaccaro
Sub-ti Award for subtitles services and Subti access for Access Services:
Nimby (Finland)
Directed by Teemu Nikki
Produced by Jani Pösö
Connect The Dots Film Agency offered a Festival strategy and a Visual branding for the international promotion of the film:
24 Hours Sunshine (Latvia)
Directed by Juris Poskus

Produced by Madara Melberga (Fa Filma)