WEMW 2023 Announces Full Lineup

    WEMW 2023 Announces Full Lineup credit: WEMW

    TRIESTE: When East Meets West has announced the lineup for Last Stop Trieste, This is IT and First Cut+ at its 13th edition, which will take place 22-25 January 2023 within the Trieste Film Festival (21 – 28 January 2023).

    Last Stop Trieste will present six creative documentaries, This is IT will showcase 10 works in progress (six narrative fiction and four hybrid and experimental films), while eight projects have been selected for First Cut+.

    Film production companies from Croatia, Serbia and Poland are among the eight companies selected for the second edition of the EAVE Slate programme.

    Projects from FNE Partner Countries Selected for Last Stop Trieste, This is IT and First Cut+ 2023:

    Last Stop Trieste:

    Smiling Georgia (Georgia, Germany)
    Directed by Luka Beradze
    Produced by 1991 Productions
    Coproduced by Color of May, Enekeny Films

    Snajka: Diary of Expectations (Croatia, Italy, Kosovo)
    Directed by Tea Vidovic Dalipi
    Produced by RESTART
    Coproduced by STEfilm, Möbius

    The Land You Belong (Italy, Romania)
    Directed by Elena Rebeca Carini
    Produced by Small Boss
    Coproduced by Luna Film

    This is IT:

    Amor (Italy, Lithuania)
    Directed by Virginia Eleuteri Serpieri
    Produced by Stefilm
    Coproduced by Era film

    Fiume o morte! (Croatia, Italy, Slovenia)
    Directed by Igor Bezinović
    Produced by RESTART
    Coproduced by Videomante, Nosorogi

    Redemption (Slovenia, Italy, Croatia, Serbia, Norway)
    Directed by Sonja Prosenc
    Produced by Monoo
    Coproduced by Incipit film, Wolfgang & Dolly, Living Pictures, Incitus Film

    Role Model (Slovenia, Italy, Czech Republic, Serbia)
    Directed by Nejc Gazvoda
    Produced by PERFO d.o.o.
    Coproduced by La Sarraz Pictures, Film Kolektiv, Biberche Productions

    Snot & Splash and the Mystery of Disappearing Holes (Finland, Italy, Poland)
    Directed by Teemu Nikki
    Produced by It's Alive Films
    Coproduced by Iwonder, Orka Film

    First Cut+:

    78 Days (Serbia)
    Directed by Emilija Gašić
    Produced by Set Sail Films

    Erto (Italy, Slovenia)
    Directed by Alessandro Negrini
    Produced by Incipit Film
    Coproduced by Casablanca Films

    Explanation for Everything (Hungary)
    Directed by Gabor Reisz
    Produced by Proton Cinema

    It Was a Beautiful Day (Slovenia)
    Directed by Perica Rajčič
    Produced by Vertigo Ljubljana

    What’s to Be Done (Croatia)
    Directed by Goran Dević
    Produced by 15th Art Production

    EAVE Slate:

    Antitalent (Croatia): producer Katarina Prpić
    Non-Aligned Films (Serbia): producer Dragana Jovović
    Serce (Poland): producer Kuba Kosma

    Click HERE for the press release and the full selections of Last Stop Trieste, This is IT and First Cut+ and EAVE Slate 2023.

    Click HERE for the full list of projects selected for the WEMW Co-production Forum 2023.

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