Media's MIPCOM platform supports new EU states


    Stand H4.35 has become one of the liveliest business meeting spots at MIPCOM: the MEDIA Unbrella stand offers a home to over 100 companies from the EU.

    For most companies, it's an affordable way to have a presence at the MIPCOM market, without having to take care of all the logistical details. But for companies from the new EU member states, it's even more appealing. The MEDIA programme and organizational partner The Marketplace offer discounts ranging from 30% to 60% aimed at supporting companies from the region.

    "We want to create a bigger network," says Dorleta Martin-San Venancio of the MEDIA programme. "Network" is the operative word here. The two-floor space is buzzing with meetings taking place in individual booths, reception areas, and even a cafe where companies can invite their clients for complimentary refreshments and meet during the daily happy hour. The result is an energized environment that fosters opportunites for networking and deal making.

    The MEDIA programme has taken a proactive approach to new companies from Central Europe. "The Marketplace has a focus compaign on the new EU member states," Martin-San Venancio says. That holds true for the EU MEDIA market stands at MIP-TV, Cannes, and Berlin as well.

    Beyond providing space and infrastructure for companies, the stand also has eight consultants with a range of areas of expertise on call and a lawyer to help with drawing up contracts, all free of charge to participants. And to ensure that sellers have access to potential buyers, the organization arranges non-stop presentations by acquisition chiefs fromTV stations across Europe and beyond. They include representatives from RTV Slovenija, Czech TV, and Hungary's public broadcaster MTV, along with stations ranging from the Sundance Channel in the U.S., to ARTE (France), to MICO (Japan), to England's BBC. Sellers have the chance to hear directly what the stations are buying and to meet the key buyers. Notes are taken at each presentation and made available to all participants who were unable to attend.

    As a further marketing tool, the stand distributes a brochure which spotlights individual productions -- almost 200 of them -- with production photos and basic information on each production or series. A complete list of participants and the names of the attending executives along with contact information fosters easy access to participants. Companies from Poland, Slovakia, and the Czech Republic are among those taking advantage of the MEDIA Umbrella stand. With all the benefits the stand offers, expect to see more companies from new EU member states looking for a place under that umbrella.