Eurimages supports 13 European co-productions

By Gyorgy Karpati

    The Council of Europe's Eurimages Fund (www.coe.int/Eurimages) announced support of 13 European co-productions, out of 20 applicants, with 4,212,529 euros in funding.

    Among the awarded projects are auteur Jan Svankmajer's Czech-Slovak animated feature film Prezit Svuj Zivot and an animation feature film from Lithuania's Valentes Askinis and Latvia'a Signe Baumane. Among the feature films receiving support are the Bulgarian-German film Tilt directed by Viktor Chouchkov Jr.; to the Croatian-Serbian-Slovenian film Nekan Ostane Medu Nama directed by the Croatian Rajko Grlic; and the Romanian-German film Medalia de onoare by Calin Peter Netzer of Germany.

    The Hungarian-German co-production Womb from Locarno Awarded director Benedek Fliegauf (Dealer, Milky Way) received 440,000 euros, and the Hungarian-French-German-Swiss A torinoi lo (The Turin Horse) by Bela Tarr (Man from London) was granted 240,000 euros.

    Since its establishment in 1988, Eurimages has supported 1,225 European co-productions for a total amount of 360 million euros. As of May 2007, EURIMAGES is comprised of 33 member states.