Eurimages support for four CEE films

By FNE Staff

    Polish, Czech, Romanian, and Hungarian producers and distribution companies in Bulgaria, Hungary, Romania and Turkey received funding following the latest Eurimages session held March 15-17.

    A total of 15 European co-productions will receive €4.68 million from the Eurimages fund.

    The co-productions receiving support include:

    Alois Nebel - Tomas Lunak (Czech Republic)Animation film (Czech Republic, Germany)

    Visszateres - Judith Elek (Hungary) (Hungary, Romania)

    Aurora- Cristi Puiu (Romania) (Romania, France, Switzerland, Germany)

    The Woman who dreamt of a Man - Per Fly (Denmark) (Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Poland)

    Beli Beli Svet, a coproduction from Serbia, Germany, Sweden directed byOleg Novkovic (Serbia) also receives a grant from Eurimages.

    In the area of distribution, films receiving support include:

    Egg - Semih Kaplanoglu (Turkey), distributed byMOZINET LTD (Hungary) and by ASOCIATA MOEBIUS (Romania)

    Pandora's Box - Yesim Ustaoglu (Turkey), distributed byCLOROFILM ROMANIA (Romania)

    Move On! Storming the Gate - Alex Jordanov (France) Documentary, distributed byMARIGOLD FILMS (Bulgaria)

    Go West- Ahmet Imamovic (Bosnia and Herzegovina), distributed byPRO FILMS (Bulgaria)

    NomadakTX - Raul de la Fuente (Spain) Documentary, distributed byPRO FILMS (Bulgaria)

    René- Helena Trestikova (Czech Republic)Documentary, distributed byMOZINET LTD (Hungary)

    A complete list of films receiving Eurimages funding is available on their website, www.coe.int.