PRODUCTION: The Bride Was Stolen in Production

By Iulia Blaga

    BUCHAREST: Toni Grecu's first feature, S-a furat mireasa/ The Bride Was Stolen, a comedy produced by Alma Sârbu, Jesús del Cerro and MediaPro Pictures (www.mediapropictures.com), began a one-month shoot on 1 August 2011.

    {mosimage}Toni Grecu and Adrian Onciu wrote the script, and Viorel Sergovici is the DOP, the representatives of MediaPro Pictures told FNE The shooting is taken place at MediaPro Studios and in Bucharest.

    The story evolves around a beauty in a small Romanian town married to a policeman who decides to steal a bride in exchange for a large ransom. To their surprise the bride later refuses to return to her husband because she was forced into marriage by her father.

    The cast includes Cătălina Grama/Jojo, Costi Diţă, Adina Galupa and Sergiu Costache. The film will premiere on television, but the date is not yet set.

    Production Information

    MediaPro Pictures

    1st Studioului Str, Buftea, Ilfov, 070000

    Phone: +4 031 8251840

    Fax: +4 031 8251196


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    Director: Toni Grecu

    Script: Toni Grecu

    Adrian Onciu

    DOP: Viorel Sergovici

    Cast: Cătălina Grama/Jojo

    Costi Diţă

    Adina Galupa

    Sergiu Costache