PRODUCTION: Night Falls in India in Production

    Chema Rodriguez Chema Rodriguez

    BUCHAREST: Spanish director Chema Rodriguez has completed the first 10 days of filming on his road-movie, Night Falls in India, in Romania, before moving to Turkey and Spain.

    Rodriguez, a documentary director making his feature film debut with this film, co-wrote the script together with Romanian writer Cătălin Mitulescu.

    Night Falls in India/ Anochece en la India (www.anocheceenlaindia.com) is an international coproduction involving the Spanish companies Jaleo Films (www.jaleofilms.com) and Producciones sin un duro (www.produccionessinunduro.com), the Romanian company Strada Film (www.stradafilm.ro), and the Swedish company ATMO (www.atmo.se).

    Spain's Instituto de la Cinematografa y de las Artes Audiovisuales, ICAA (http://www.mcu.es/cine/index), Romania's National Centre for Cinema (www.cncinema.abt.ro), and Sweden's Film i Väst (www.filmivast.se), as well as Eurimages (http://www.coe.int/t/dg4/eurimages/default_en.asp) are backing the project.

    Shooting took place in June and July in Romania, before the crew moved to Turkey. Production will wrap October, after filming in India and Spain. The film is a road-movie about a dying Spanish ex-hippie (Juan Diego) and his Romanian housekeeper (Clara Vodă) travelling to the Ganges, where the man wishes to die.

    “When somebody asks me about the genre of Night Falls in India, I don’t know quite what to reply. Perhaps it’s an adventure drama with  touch of comedy, or a dramatic comedy in the context of an initiation adventure. (…) In any case, what I have tried was to write a shining road-movie full of life that uses journey and death as excuses to tell a story about love and the passing of time, about the importance of the present and the need to recover lost time,” the director has said of the film.

    The budget is 1,700,000 EUR and the Romanian contribution is 20%, representatives from Strada Film told FNE. The project received a production grant of 188,000 EUR (783,547 RON) from the National Centre for Cinema (www.cncinema.abt.ro) in April 2011. Alex Catalán is the DOP. The Romanian actors Adrian Titieni, George Albert Costea and Aristiţa Diamandi were cast along the Spanish actor Javier Pereira. The premiere is set for 2013.

    Production Information:
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    Director: Chema Rodriguez
    Script: Chema Rodriguez
           Cătălin Mitulescu
    DOP: Alex Catalán
    Cast: Juan Diego
              Clara Vodă
              Javier Pereira
             Adrian Titieni
             George Albert Costea
             Aristiţa Diamandi