PRODUCTION: The Woman with the Black Necktie in Preparation

    Serban Marinescu; jurnalul.ro Serban Marinescu; jurnalul.ro

    BUCHAREST: Şerban Marinescu is in preproduction with The Woman with the Black Necktie, a comedy set to be shot in Greece and Romania in autumn. Negotiations with Greek coproducer Metavision are underway.

    Alexandru Iclozan is producing with Ro De Film. He told FNE that shooting is planned for 25-30 days, divided equally between Greece and Romania. Shooting is planned for the end of October November.

    The story centers on a wealthy young man whose plans to kill himself are shattered by the intrusion of a group of thieves in his home. When he falls in love with a female thief, he becomes their accomplice in stealing a valuable painting.

    The script written by Costas Asimakopoulos won a production grant of 189,125 EUR/800,000 RON from the Romanian National Centre for Cinema (www.cncinema.abt.ro) in 2011. The budget is not set, but could go up to 1 m EUR, Iclozan said.

    Pătru Păunescu is the DOP. The cast will be composed of Greek and Romanian actors.

    The Woman with the Black Necktie /Femeia cu cravată neagră is scheduled to be released in 2013.
    Production Information
    Ro De Film
    Calea Moşilor 288,
    Bloc 32, Sc. 2, Ap 42
    Bucureşti, Romania
    Cell phone Al. Iclozan: +40 723 693 215
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    Director: Şerban Marinescu

    Script: Costas Asimakopoulos

    DOP: Pătru Păunescu