Romania Launches Grant Contest for Historical Films


    BUCHAREST: The Romanian Film Center (CNC) announced it will give production grants for short and long thematical films in the upcoming grant session. The theme for this session is the celebration of 100 years since the Great Union (Marea Unire) of 1918, which led to the modern state. It will be the first time that production grants are allotted for thematical films.

    The amount for this section is 1,075,000 EUR / 5 m RON. A total of 10,750,000 EUR / 50 m RON will also be distributed for feature film production grants (5,267,500 EUR / 24.5 m RON), debut feature production grants (1,612,500 EUR / 7.5 m RON), documentaries (1,075,000 EUR / 5 m RON), animated films (1,075,000 EUR / 5 m RON), short fiction films (537,500 EUR / 2.5 m RON) and development grants (107,500 EUR / 0.5 m RON) in the contest announced on 16 November 2017.

    The deadline for submission is 15 December 2017 and the results will be announced in 2018. According to the law, there have to be two grants sessions per year, but in 2017 things went slowly due to a new Minister of Culture, who was expected to issue a paper regarding the grant contest regulations, with approval by the Parliament of the Emergency Ordinance regarding the thematical film grants.

    In January 2017 the Ministry of Culture changed its name to the Ministry of Culture and National Identity, as one of its main goals in 2017 was to prepare the centennial of the union of 1918.