Romania Sees Original Online Series Trend

    CASTiNG CASTiNG photo: Bogdan Nitu

    BUCHAREST: CASTiNG, one of the few Romanian online original series to date, will be broadcast on YouTube starting 14 December 2017.

    The production company Diud already plans the second season. CASTiNG’s premiere comes shortly after the launch on YouTube of another domestic series, Lara (directed by Ciprian Iacob and produced by Mixton Movie), which had almost 2 million viewers for its first episode from September 2017 to date.

    Unlike Lara, a children and youth series played by non-professional actors, CASTiNG is a professional enterprise.

    “We plan to release more online shows by the end of 2017”, says CASTiNG’s producer Andrei Gheorghe. He is producing through Diud, one of the biggest of the smaller video film and advertisement production companies in Romania. Made with a budget of 30,000 EUR and a crew of 40 people, CASTiNG is one of the biggest production series among the small number of Romanian online original series produced to date. 

    CASTiNG is written by actresses Olimpia Melinte, Andreea Șovan, Ana Udroiu and Romina Sehlanec, who also play four young actresses as they try to make their way in the cinema. The eight episodes are directed by young directors Millo Simulov, Andrei Gheorghe, Florin Babei, Iliana Dumitrache, Roxana Andrei and Andrei Ion.

    The series was shot in 28 days in more than 15 locations in Bucharest, and will be broadcast free of charge on casting.series.