Indie Sales Acquires Thou Shalt Not Kill

    Thou Shalt Not Kill by Gabi Virginia Şarga and Cătălin Rotaru Thou Shalt Not Kill by Gabi Virginia Şarga and Cătălin Rotaru

    BUCHAREST: Gabi Virginia Şarga and Cătălin Rotaru’s debut feature Thou Shalt Not Kill / Să nu ucizi has been acquired by Paris-based Indie Sales ahead of its world premiere in the 1-2 Competition of the 34th Warsaw FF. Their first short film 4.15 PM The End of the World was selected for the Official Competition at the Cannes Film Festival in 2016.

    Thou Shalt Not Kill aka Biocide is inspired by real events and follows a young surgeon who starts a solitary fight against a corrupted system after a dubious death of a patient. The film stars Cristina Flutur, who was awarded best actress ex-aequo in Cannes 2012 for Cristian Mungiu’s Beyond the Hills (Mobra Films), and newcomer Alexandru Suciu, as well as Gelu Colceag and Tania Filip.

    Adina Sădeanu produced the film through Axis Media Production in coproduction with Gabi Virginia Șarga and Cătălin Rotaru through Green Cat Film. The Romanian Film Centre, the National Romanian Television and Zenith Media supported the project.

    Idea Film Distribution will release the film domestically in the first semester of 2019.