Proposals for New Romanian Film Law to Boost Local Film Industry


    BUCHAREST: The Romanian Film Centre (CNC) has prepared a new film law, which would boost support and visibility for the film and cinema industry.  The new draft law would introduce a separate category for minority coproduction grants and offers more support for domestic films in cinemas and on TV.

    It also introduces a microbudget films' category and brings greater transparency to submitted projects, which now name only the producer, but not the director.

    A new executive body will be created within the CNC, the Directorial College, alongside the Council of Administration, which manages the Film Fund and which will include an additional member from the Ministry of Public Finances.

    Cinema theatres and open air cinemas will have to screen a minimum of 10% Romanian films annually, of which at least 5% has to be in prime time slots. The percentage of Romanian films broadcast annually by TV channels would increase from 2% to 10%, and the Romanian National Television (TVR) will have to allot an agreed amount of free advertisements for the promotion of new Romanian films.

    The draft law was open to public debate until 28 September 2018 and will be completed and sent to the Ministry of Culture and National Identity so as to be proposed as draft in the Parliament.