FNE at Transilvania IFF 2019 Pitch Stop: Ink Wash


    CLUJ-NAPOCA: The Romanian project Ink Wash by writer/director Sarra Tsoradkidis, co-writer and actress Ilinca Harnut, and producer Anca Puiu, was presented at the fifth edition of Transilvania Pitch Stop taking place at the Transilvania IFF, running through 9 June 2019.

    Ink Wash is the story of a woman desperately trying to find love. Vera is a 30-year-old painter finishing her PhD studies, who plays it safe. The death of her grandmother shakes her up, inspiring her to make a change in her life. She accepts a job decorating a hotel in a remote mountain area, and meets and falls for the charismatic 50-year-old foreigner who owns the hotel. When he disappoints her, she tries to get revenge, causing havoc, and eventually has to accept her own responsibilities.

    The debut film is produced by Mandragora. The budget is 600,000 EUR and the producers have 223,000 EUR promised as a letter of intent from a coproducer in Sweden. The filmmakers are looking for other coproducers, with the possibility of a German or Italian actor to play the role of the hotel owner.

    Production information:

    Mandragora (Romania)

    Director: Sarra Tsorakidis
    Writers: Sarra Tsorakidis, Ilinca Harnut
    Cast: Ilinca Harnut