FNE at Transilvania IFF 2019 Pitch Stop: November Dream


    CLUJ-NAPOCA: November Dream directed by Gabi Sarga and Catalin Rotaru, and produced by Adina Sadeanu, was one of four Romanian and Moldovan projects pitched at the fifth edition of Transilvania Pitch Stop taking place at the Transilvania IFF, running through 9 June 2019. The forum is open to young filmmakers competing for prizes including 50,000 EUR in development/production support.

    The film is inspired by a true story set in 1992, when Ciprian, a 17-year-old small town boy, places an ad in a newspaper and meets a 22-year-old man, Marian. They fall in love and are arrested for homosexuality after Ciprian’s sister turns them in to the police. In jail they are beaten and raped, attracting the attention of Amnesty International. The two receive a suspended sentence, but because of the extensive publicity surrounding their case, Ciprian is expelled from school and Marian cannot find a job, enters a religious cult and finds a girlfriend. The two split up, with Marian committing suicide and Ciprian receiving political asylum and emigrating to the USA.

    November Dream is produced by Axis Media Production. The film is the company’s third project and the second film from the co-directing team. The script is currently being completed. The production has no funding in place.   

    Production information:

    Axis Media Production

    Director: Gabi Sarga, Catalin Rotaru