FNE at Transilvania IFF 2019 Pitch Stop: Greece and Bosnia & Herzgovina Team Up on Remember

    Remember by Thanos Psichogios Remember by Thanos Psichogios photo: www.badcrowd.eu

    CLUJ-NAPOCA: Greece teams up with Bosnia & Herzgovina on a debut film inspired by true events, Remember directed by Thanos Psichogios and produced by Nancy Kokolaki for Bad Crowd.

    The film, based on a celebrated first novel of a Greek writer, is set on an island during the off-season. The tourists have left and in a remote farming settlement an elderly widow is found stabbed to death. Two teens are arrested. The film covers a period of 12 months, ending with the conviction of the girls. The crime drama contrasts the two teens, one a seemingly happy girl who ends up collaborating with the police, and the other quieter girl who refuses. The film looks at a place that seems to be paradise on earth in summer, but a prison for the locals who stay behind during the harsh winter months, when the power of despair and lack of hope can push young people over the edge.

    The project received development support from the Greek Film Center and is seeking coproduction partners and international sales agents, and the producers noted that they still have crew positions open.

    Production information:

    Bad Crowd (Greece)

    Directed by Thanos Psichogios