Romanian TV revenues continue to fall

By Iulia Blaga

    General Romanian TV channel revenues dropped 40%, while thematic TV channels revenues dropped by 30% between January and May 2009.

    Both thematic and generalist TV channels ad revenues diminished in the first five months of 2009, but thematic channels' loss was 10-18% smaller than generalist channels rate. Thematic TV channels receive 17-18% of ad market revenues

    Children TV channels might be the only segment with a positive dynamic of revenues throughout this year, Mircea Vlad Ionescu, managing partner at Splendid Thematics told "Business Standard" daily. He estimates that children TV channels net revenues can rise in 2009 by 10-12%.

    Sport channels could be strongly affected this year, while women channels are still doing well, since women are the target of many advertising clients, Brandusa Vlanga, general manager of DBV Media House said.

    The fourth trimester is expected to be weak, with less money.