Radu Mihaileanu’s Concert sold in all territories

By Iulia Blaga
    After reaching the number one spot in French distribution, Concert by Romanian born director Radu Mihaileanu has been sold to all territories.

    The film premiered in France in November 4, with 390,381 tickets sold in the first week. The director told FNE that he considers Concert to be the first film where he expresses himself with complete freedom.

    The French-Romanian-Belgian-Italian coproduction is distributed by Independenţa Film (www.independenta.biz) in Romania, Optimum Releasing (www.optimumreleasing.com) in the UK, Seville Pictures (www.sevillepictures.com) in Canada, BIM Distribuzione (www.bimfilm.com) in Italy, Camera Film in Denmark, Cineart (www.cineart.be) in Belgium, Cinema Mondo (www.cinemamondo.fi) in Finland, Comstock Group (www. comstockgroup.jp) in Japan, With Cinema in South Korea, Festive Films (www.festivefilms.com) in Singapore, Panasia Films Ltd in China, Hong Kong and Macau, Cherry Sky Films Llc in Taiwan, Alliance Lumiere Pvt Ltd in Bangladesh, Bhutan, Burma, India, Maldives, Nepal and Pakistan. Hopscotch Films (www.hopscotchfilms.com.au) is distributing the film in Australia and New Zealand, Hollywood Classic Entertainment (www.hce.cz) in the Czech and Slovak Republics, CLMC Multimedia SA in Portugal. Filma is the distributor for Turkey, Shani Films/Lev Cinemas for Israel, Budapest Film for Hungary, and Vertigo Films for Spain and Andorra.

    The film is a coproduction between Alain Attal &Les Productions du Trésor (www.productionsdutresor.com), Oï Oï Oï Productions (the company of Radu Mihaileanu), Castel Film (www.castelfilm.ro), Panache Productions, Bim Distribuzione (www.bimfilm.com), France 3 Cinéma (www.france3.fr), and Mars Films (www.marsfilms.com). Wild Bunch (www.wildbunch.biz) is operating the international sales.

    The film opened in Finland on November 27. It will premiere in Switzerland (by Frenetic Films and Tele-München Fernsehen GmbH &Co) on December 23, Germany (Tele-München Fernsehen GmbH &Co), Denmark (Camera Film), Norway, Sweden (Cinema Mondo) and UK & Ireland on December 31. It will reach the Eastern Europe and the Balkans (except Romania, where it was already released) next year. In Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania the film will be seen from the end of January 2010, being distributed by ACME UAB. In English speaking Africa (except Gambia, Liberia and Sierra Leone), the film is to be seen from March the 1st 2010, while The Weinstein Company LLC will distribute it in all the American territories in 2010.

    The cast brings together Russian, French and Romanian actors: Alexei Guskov, Mélanie Laurent, Dimitri Nararov, François Berléand, Miou-Miou, Valery Barinov, Vlad Ivanov, Lionel Abelanski, Miou-Miou. Shooting took place in Bucharest, Moscow and Paris from May through August 2008.

    Born in Romania, Radu Mihaileanu left the country in 1980, moving to France, and started an internationally acclaimed career with Train de vie and Vas, vis et deviens/ Live and Become.

    Contact information:

    Les Productions du Trésor

    12, rue Barbette
    75003 Paris, France
    Alain Attal
    Phone : (33).
    Fax : (33).


    Castel Film Studios

    25A Emanoil Porumbaru St., Sector 1

    Bucharest, Romania

    Phone: (40).

    Fax: (40).

    Vlad Păunescu

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    Panache Productions

    2 rue de la Bechee

    1380 Lasne, Belgium

    Phone: (32).2.656.15.51

    Fax: (32).2.656.15.52

    André Logie

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    Bim Distribuzione

    57 Via Marianna Dionigi

    00193 Rome, Italy

    Phone: (39).

    Fax: (39).


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    France 3 Cinéma

    7, Esplanade Henri de France

    75907 Paris, France

    Phone: (33).

    Fax: (33).


    Mars Films

    66, rue de Miromesnil
    75008 Paris, France

    Phone: (33).

    Fax : (33).


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    Director- Radu Mihaileanu

    Screenplay- Radu Mihaileanu

    Alain-Michel Blanc &Matthew Robbins

    From an original story by Hector Cabello Reyes &Thierry Degrandi

    DOP - Laurent Dailland

    Cast - Alexei Guskov

    Mélanie Laurent

    Dimitri Nararov

    François Berléand


    Valery Barinov

    Vlad Ivanov