Serbian TV Drama Series Children of Evil Premieres Globally on HBO Max

    Children of Evil by Ivan Stefanović and Vladimir Tagić Children of Evil by Ivan Stefanović and Vladimir Tagić credit: Telekom Srbija

    BELGRADE: Serbian TV drama/thriller series Children of Evil / Deca zla directed by Ivan Stefanović and Vladimir Tagić had its world premiere on HBO Max on 2 November 2023. The series stemming from a bestselling novel by Miodrag Majić was produced by Telekom Srbija and Firefly Production.

    “Bringing a high end TV product from this region onto a global viewing platform such as HBO Max certainly takes a great deal of work, patience and preparations. However, at the same time it may be regarded as a natural outcome of the continuous effort Firefly Production invests into upgrading its works and making prestigious content transcend into the realm where stories with a strong local flavour become universally comprehensible and meet viewers willing to try something new”, Boban Jevtić, Firefly’s head of content, told FNE.

    Children of Evil by Ivan Stefanović and Vladimir Tagić, credit: Telekom SrbijaThe plot of this thriller comprising 10 hourly episodes is set in Belgrade, where a dramatic murder of a politician takes place in a house on the Dedinje Hill, the most prestigious part of the Serbian capital. After an unknown person kills the victim and leaves a bloody ducat in her hand, a series of questions and events opens up that must be resolved.

    The script was written by Katarina Mitrović and Bojan Vuletić. The major roles are played by Radovan Vujović, Milica Janevski, Jovana Stojiljković, Zoran Cvijanović and Slaven Došlo.

    Ivana Miković is the series’ producer, Srđan Spasić is executive producer and creative director is Boban Jevtić.