FNE at Art Film Fest: Old Souls’s Day

By Iulia Blaga

    BRATISLAVA: As part of the cycle CineStories/ Filmoviedky on Slovak Television (www.stv.sk), Stanislav Párnický's Dusicky seniorov/Old Souls's Day follows the destinies of a community living in a retirement home following the severe injure of a resident.

    The manager tries to cover up the incident, but a former judge starts a secret investigation to find the truth. Like all the 10 films from CineStories, Old Souls's Day has three chapters, or micro-stories, each of them mirroring the point of view of one of the protagonists.

    Shooting of the 96 minute film took place in November 2011. The premiere is set for autumn 2012, representatives of Slovak Television told FNE.

    Jozef Puškáš wrote the script, and Laco Kraus is the DOP. The cast includes Emília Vášaryová, Petr Nárožný, Ivan Romančík, František Kovár, Zita Furková, Lucia Gažiová, and Ivo Gogál.

    The film screens in the Slovak Season section of Art Film Fest (www.artfilmfest.sk).

    Production Information

    Radio and Television Slovakia

    Mýtna 1, P. O. Box 55

    817 55 Bratislava 15, Slovakia


    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


    Director: Stanislav Párnický

    Script: Jozef Puškáš

    Director of photography: Laco Kraus

    Dramaturgy: Roman Brat

    Sound master: Ján Grečnár

    Production manager: Ivana Kurincová

    Cast: Emília Vášaryová

    Petr Nárožný

    Ivan Romančík

    František Kovár

    Zita Furková

    Lucia Gažiová

    Ivo Gogál

    Eva Kerekes

    Alexandra Palatinusová

    Ivan Palúch