Mika Named Director of Slovak TV

    Vaclav Mika Vaclav Mika

    BRATISLAVA: Former Markiza TV (
    www.markiza.sk) CEO Vaclav Mika has been elected as general director of public broadcaster Slovak Radio and Television (www.rtvs.eu).


    The position is a governmental appointment. Mika takes the post formerly held by Zemkova Miloslava.

    Mika, a native of the central Slovak town of Trencin, began his career at Slovak TV in 1986, going on to become an advisor to the Minister of Culture (old.culture.gov.sk) in 1994. He was the founder of leading radio station Radio Expres (www.expres.sk), was the director of Slovakia’s first media agency, and has served as president of the Association of Independent Radio and Television Stations (www.anrts.sk). Mika has received several business management awards in Slovakia, including multiple Manager of the Year awards.