PRODUCTION: Mira Fornay to Complete Post-production on Long-Awaited Third Film

    Cook, F**k, Kill by Mira Fornay (Jazmina Ciganeková, Petra Fornayová) Cook, F**k, Kill by Mira Fornay (Jazmina Ciganeková, Petra Fornayová)

    BRATISLAVA: The award-winning Slovak director Mira Fornay, whose second feature My Dog Killer / Môj pes Killer (CINEART TV Prague) won the Tiger award at the 42nd IFF Rotterdam, is finishing post-production on  the absurd drama Cook, F**k, Kill / Žaby bez jazyka. Fornay had been trying to get the film funded and produced since 2015.

    The Slovak/Czech coproduction is the story of one day in the life of a perpetrator of domestic violence, Jaroslav, who works as a hospital attendant. A handsome and seemingly good-natured man and husband, Jaroslav is in fact obsessed with sex and cooking and he is pathologically jealous of his wife Blanka, whom he terrorises in their large family house in a small city.

    „Our new film is about games and family programmes that lead to sick and violent games, especially in families. It is a metaphorical story of the man Jaroslav K., who undergoes a rather surprising transformation within this one day, to avert the tragic consequences of his behaviour,“ Fornay told FNE.

    Cook, F**k, Kill is produced by CINEART TV Prague in coproduction with RTVS, the Czech Television and MIRAFOX. The film is supported by the Slovak Audiovisual Fund, the Czech Film Fund and Eurimages. The budget is 1,105,000 EUR.

    „The film was shot on locations in Slovakia (Bratislava, Skalica and surroundings) and the Czech Republic (Prague, Lichočeves) in 36 shooting days. Image and sound postproduction should be finished on 1 May. The date of the premiere is not set yet but is expected this year in summer or fall,“ producer Viktor Schwarz told FNE. 

    Production Information:

    Cook, F**k, Kill by Mira Fornay (Irena Bedova, pan Alexander, Bobo, Jazmína Ciganeková, Regina Razlova)Producer:
    CINEART TV Prague (Czech Republic)
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    Czech Television (Czech Republic)
    MIRAFOX (Slovakia)

    Director: Mira Fornay
    Scriptwriter: Mira Fornay
    DoP: Tomáš Sysel
    Editor: Mira Fornay
    Editing supervisor: Urszula Lesiak
    Set Design: Jana Boháčková
    Costumes: Petra Krčmářová
    Sound: Dominik Dolejší
    Cast: Jaroslav Plesl, Petra Fornay, Regina Rázlová, Jan Doman, Jazmína Cigánková, Bohuslav Zárychta, Irena Bendová