Slovak Producers and Distributors Lure Audiences Back to Cinemas


    BRATISLAVA: The Association of Independent Producers has initiated a campaign under the title I am going to the cinema / Idem do kina, that aims to bring viewers and Slovak films back to the cinema. This campaign supported by the Slovak Audiovisual Fund was created to help cinema operators, distributors and producers to deal with losses caused by the pandemic. Slovakia has one of the lowest rates of COVID-19 infections and death in Europe.

    According to the estimate of the Association of Independent Producers the loss of funding for people and companies in the audiovisual sector in Slovakia will total 58,830,000 EUR in 2020. In the field of audiovisual production, the shortfall represents 38% of the full-year income and in the case of film distribution 36% of the full-year income.

    The main part of the campaign I am going to the cinema, prepared by the advertising agency Jandl, will take place online with effective use of social media. One part of the project will be focused on promoting premieres of Slovak majority and coproduction films, which were postponed during pandemics. The national television RTVS will broadcast trailers for new Slovak films.

    According to the Union of Film Distributors, through the end of the year 2020, 17 premieres of Slovak titles are expected, including Man with Rabbit Ears directed by Martin Šulík and produced by TITANIC s.r.o. in coproduction with In Film Praha, RTVS and the Czech Television; Frem directed by Viera Čákanyová and produced by Hypermarket Film in coproduction with Punkchart Films and DOC-AIR; Servants directed by Ivan Ostrochovský and produced by Punkchart Films in coproduction with RTVS, Point Film (RO), Negativ, Film & Music Entertainment (IE), LEV Design (SK), sentimental film and Hai-Hui Entertainment (RO); and the documentary Earthly Paradise directed by Jaro Vojtek.

    An independent survey will target a group of viewers about the reasons for seeing films in the cinema.

    In addition to supporting the project, the Slovak Audiovisual Fund also took measures to help Slovak distributors and decided to evaluate 2020 applications for distribution support by the end of every month. The amount of support should be able to help each film reach a potential audience.