Slovak Audiovisual Fund Increases Development Support


    BRATISLAVA: The Audiovisual Fund Council approved an increase of 160,000 EUR in support of the second term of 2020 development grant calls on 19 January 2021. The total amount of support for development grants in 2020 was thus increased to a historically high amount of 653,400 EUR.

    The fund supported the development of 24 audiovisual projects with an amount of 343,400 EUR in the first term of the call. Thanks to the increased amount in the second round of the call, the fund supported another 22 projects with 310,000 EUR.

    „Without increasing this amount, we would not be able to support all the projects recommended by the Commission. Some of them would end up ,below the line‘ due to lack of funds. To increase the amount, we used funds from currently unspent or returned subsidies as of 31 December 2020,“ director of the Slovak Audiovisual Fund Martin Šmatlák told FNE.  

    The 46 supported projects include 16 fiction audiovisual works (features, TV series), 23 documentaries  and 7 animated projects. 

    In the eighth year of the existence of a separate call for grants for production development, the Fund has so far distributed the biggest amount of funds for this important phase of audiovisual work preparation. At the same time, it is more intensively supporting those production and creative activities that supported applicants can carry out even during measures against the spread of COVID-19.