PRODUCTION: First Slovak Multilingual TV Comedy Series Pressburg Wraps Shooting

    Pressburg by Csaba Molnár - Attila Matusek and Anna Jakab Rakovská Pressburg by Csaba Molnár - Attila Matusek and Anna Jakab Rakovská photo by Eszter Pálinkás

    BRATISLAVA: Comedy TV series Pressburg directed by Csaba Molnár has entered postproduction. The eight-episode series about the linguistic diversity of Bratislava is produced by Slovakia’s Pressburg Partners Production and coproduced by the Radio and Television of Slovakia (RTVS).

    Pressburg tells the story of a young man Attila. As a Hungarian from Slovakia, he is proud of his roots. He hates Bratislava, but he has to look for a job there if he wants to save the family orchard. In Bratislava he meets the world traveler Zita, who is his complete opposite, the embodiment of a multicultural identity. Their loss forces them to think about what home means, how to be tolerant and that joining forces is always the better choice. The secondary level of the story represents a funny underground South Slovak activist group that fights for language rights in Slovakia.

    Pressburg is the first Slovak multilingual TV series that connects the life of the linguistic minority with the majority. It is a contemporary comedy story about diversity that can be beneficial and enriching for all of us,“ director Csaba Molnár told FNE. Slovak, Hungarian, German, English and Persian are spoken in the series.

    The main characters are played by Attila Matusek and Anna Jakab Rakovská. Some well-known Slovak and Hungarian actors appear in supporting roles.

    Attila Forgács, Csaba Molnár and Lucia Molnár Satinská are producing. The budget of more than 600,000 EUR is supported by the Slovak Audiovisual Fund and Kultminor. The patronage of the project was taken over by the mayor of Bratislava, Matúš Vallo.

    The 37 days of shooting took place mostly in Bratislava and its surroundings from August 2022 until June 2023. Other locations were the small towns of Číčov and Kolárovo, located in the southern part of Slovakia.

    “The postproduction is planned until the end of the 2023 and the premiere on Slovak television is scheduled for 2024. For now, we don´t have a Hungarian coproducer, but we are planning to sell the project in Hungary as well,” producer Lucia Molnár Satinská told FNE.

    Production Information:

    Pressburg by Csaba Molnár (Anna Jakab Rakovská and Nastaran A. Motlagh), photo by Igor VodráškaPressburg Partners Production (Slovakia)
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    Radio and Television of Slovakia (Slovakia)

    Director: Csaba Molnár
    Scriptwriters: Jakub Medvecký, Csaba Molnár, Lucia Molnár Satinská, Emese Varga, Dia Lengyel
    Editor: Máté Csuport
    DoP: Gábor Angyal
    Sound: Michal Horváth
    Costume designer: Andrea Madleňáková
    Make-up artist: Jarmila Khandlová
    Cast: Attila Matusek, Anna Jakab Rakovská, Nastaran A Motlagh, Zuzana Kronerová, Imre Csuja, Otto Culka, Lošonská Dékány Niki, Márton Béhr, Hostomský Anna Fanni, Michael Edlinger, Xénia Molnár