PRODUCTION: Katarína Gramatová in Postproduction with Debut Feature Promise, I'll Be Fine

    Promise, I'll Be Fine by Katarína Gramatová Promise, I'll Be Fine by Katarína Gramatová credit: DRYEYE FILM

    BRATISLAVA: Katarína Gramatová’s debut feature Promise, I'll Be Fine is scheduled to be finished in the late spring of 2024. The film was developed by Gramatová and Slovak producer Igor Engler from DRYEYE Film and it is a Slovak/Czech coproduction.

    Set in an impoverished rural environment in Slovakia, the film follows four teenage boys who enjoy their summer holidays dedicated to their greatest passion: ‘babetta’ (motorbikes). The main character, Eňo, leads a relatively simple life, but everything changes when he discovers that his mother is not the honourable and kind person he admired, according to a press release.

    The story was brought out from extensive observation of the relationships within the community of ‘hungry valley’, specifically the village of Utekáč. Having worked extensively with this community on her short documentary A Good Mind Grows in Thorny Places, which is currently awaiting its festival premiere, Gramatová imbues the script with true authenticity, having cast the subjects of her documentary as the protagonists of the feature.

    “When I first visited the area in Slovakia, my initial observation of the aimless, state dependent lives so present in the community sparked my curiosity. How could someone find fulfilment in such a life? However, as time went on, and I witnessed the locals' strong connection to the village and its majestic natural setting, I began to understand both the beauty and the isolated mindset present in this place. I realised that exploitation thrives in poverty, creating a game of survival, where the strong rise to the top”, said Katarína Gramatová.

    The cast includes Michal Záchenský, Eva Mores, Jana Oľhová, Adam Šuniar and Attila Mokos.

    Igor Engler from Slovakia’s DRYEYE FILM is producing in coproduction with Julia Marková Žáčková of Nochi film from the Czech Republic and the Radio and Television Slovakia. The project received support from the Slovak Audiovisual Fund, the Czech Film Fund and the Terra Incognita fund of the Kosice Region in Slovakia.

    A preliminary cinema release is set in 2025.

    Gramatová’s short film Cherries won the Jury Award at the Zlin International Film Festival. Gramatová has worked primarily as an editor, after completing her studies at VŠMU Bratislava. She has worked with major brands on commercials and collaborated on the music video for French artist Stromae - Santé, which currently has over 55 million views on YouTube and was nominated for Best Editing at Ciclope Festival.

    Production Information:

    DRYEYE FILM (Slovakia)
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    Promise I'll Be Fine by Katarína Gramatová, credit: DRYEYE FILMCoproducer:
    Nochi film (Czech Republic)
    Radio and Television Slovakia (Slovakia)

    Director: Katarína Gramatová
    Scriptwriter: Katarína Gramatová
    Story: Igor Engler, Katarína Gramatová
    DoP: Tomáš Kotas
    Editor: Katarína Gramatová, Aleš Valtr
    Sound: Samuel Perunko
    Cast: Michal Záchenský, Eva Mores, Jana Oľhová, Adam Šuniar, Attila Mokos

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