FESTIVALS: Febiofest 2024 Ready to Kick Off in Bratislava


    BRATISLAVA: The In the Heart of Europe competition section of the 31st International Film Festival Febiofest Bratislava will add for the second time a long films' competition with 10 fiction, animated, documentary and experimental films, in addition to the usual 20 short films from neighbouring countries. The festival will take place 13 – 19 March 2024.

    Bratislava Industry Days are scheduled for 18 - 19 March 2024, having Works in Progress as the main event, a presentation of approximately 10 new Slovak film projects in different stages of production.

    The festival is organised by the Association of Slovak Film Clubs, co-organised by the Slovak Film Institute and supported by the Slovak Audiovisual Fund.

    In the Heart of Europe Competition Section – Short Films:

    Dielli (Kosovo)
    Directed by Dritero Mehmetaj

    Cave Painting / Jaskynné maľovanie (Austria)
    Directed by Siegfried A. Fruhauf

    Dede Is Dead / Deniska umrela (Czech Republic)
    Directed by Philippe Kastner

    Say ”Cześć” / Povedz ”Cześć” (Ukraine)
    Directed by Veronika Shuster, Nata Onysh

    Swaggiest of the Swaggiest (Slovakia)
    Directed by Debora Pastirčáková, Martina Buchelová

    Metronóm (Hungary)
    Directed by Péter Lehr Juhász

    Echo (Poland)
    Directed by Emi Buchwald

    Prelude / Predohra (Austria, Germany)
    Directed by Kanter Eginhartz

    Winter / Zima (Poland)
    Directed by Tomek Popakul, Kasumi Ozeki

    Falling / Pád (Hungary)
    Directed by Anna Gyimesi

    As It Was / Ako to bolo (Poland, Ukraine)
    Directed by Anastasiia Solonevych, Damian Kocur

    Constant - an Homage to the Apartment / Konštanta - rozlúčka s bytom (Slovakia, Germany)
    Directed by Paula Ďurinová

    Kinderfilm (Austria)
    Directed by Total Refusal

    Sister of Mine / Moja siostra (Poland)
    Directed by Mariusz Rusiński

    Tapping Black Boots (Slovakia, Sweden, Japan)
    Directed by Kaoro Furuko

    Gritty Eyes / Oči plné piesku (Slovakia, Czech Republic)
    Directed by Juraj Janiš

    Calls / Hovory (Poland)
    Directed by Ming-Wei Chiang

    Afterlives / Posmrtné životy (Austria, Tanzania)
    Directed by Michael Heindl

    Three Windows on South West / Tri okná na juhozápad (Ukraine, Netherlands)
    Directed by Mariia Ponomarova

    Söder (Austria)
    Directed by Raoul Bruck

    In the Heart of Europe Competition Section – Long Films:

    Archive of the Future / Archiv der Zukunft (Austria)
    Directed by Joerg Burger

    Explanation for Everything / Magyarázat mindenre (Hungary, Slovakia)
    Directed by Gábor Reisz
    Produced by Proton Cinema
    Coproduced by MPhilms
    Supported by the National Film Institute – Hungary, the Slovak Audiovisual Fund

    Forever – Forever (Ukraine, the Netherlands)
    Directed by Anna Buryachkova

    Jan Mancuska: You Will Never See It All / Chýbanie (Slovakia, Czech Republic)
    Directed by Štěpán Pech
    produced by Mannschaft
    Coproduced by filmsomnia
    Supported by the Slovak Audiovisual Fund, the Czech Film FundPrague Film FundEurimages

    Mr. and Mrs. Stodola / Manželia Stodolovci (Czech Republic, Slovakia)
    Directed by Petr Hátle
    Produced by Nutprodukce
    Coproduced by Nutprodukcia
    Supported by  the Czech Film Fund, the Slovak Audiovisual Fund, the Creative Europe MEDIA

    Oxygen Station (Ukraine, Czech Republic, Sweden, Slovakia)
    Directed by Ivan Tymchenko
    Produced by Svitlofor Film
    Coproduced by Silk Films, HOBAB, Flying Colors Pictures, in partnership with RBB (Germany) and SVT (Sweden)
    Suported by the Ukrainian State Film Agency, the Czech Film Fund

    Paying a Visit to Fortuna / Fortuna vendégei (Hungary, Croatia)
    Directed by Mátyás Kálmán

    She Came at Night / Přišla v noci (Czech Republic)
    Directed by Jan VejnarTomáš Pavlíček
    Produced by Bratři
    Coproduced by Artcam FilmsPFXSoundsquare, the Czech TelevisionDrive Film Factory

    The Hidden Web / Ukryta sieć (Poland)
    Directed by Piotr Adamski
    Produced by Mariusz Lukomski

    Veni Vidi Vici (Austria)
    Directed by Julia Niemann, Daniel Hoesl