Thirty Domestic Films to Be Screened at Slovak Film Week 2024

    Slovak Film Week 2023 panel discussion Slovak Film Week 2023 panel discussion credit: Miro Nôta, FB page SFW

    BRATISLAVA: Thirty Slovak films (11 features, 13 documentaries and six animated films) will be screened at the 10th edition of the Slovak Film Week, the annual showcase of domestic titles, which is taking place in Bratislava 15 - 21 April 2024. 

    This year´s Slovak Film Week will present all the films submitted to the Sun in a Net awards (except for TV films or miniseries), and it will be held on a date before the award ceremony. The organisers decided to allow viewers to get an overview of the films that not only made it to the list of nominated titles, but also applied for awards.

    The Slovak Film Week is also an important platform for public discussions and reflection on Slovak film production. Panel discussions on documentaries, feature and animated films, and other accompanying programmes will be part of the showcase.

    The event returns this year to the Lumière Cinema, which reopened in February 2024 after a fire in 2022.


    A Sensitive Person / Citlivý človek (Czech Republic, Slovakia)
    Directed by Tomáš Klein
    Produced by MasterFilmPunkchart films
    Coproduced by the Czech Television
    Supported by Czech Film Fund, the Slovak Audiovisual Fund, the Moravian-Silesian Region, the Pilsen Region

    Her Body / Její tělo (Czech Republic, Slovakia)
    Directed by Natálie Císařovská
    Produced by Cineart TV Prague
    Coproduced by the Czech TelevisionSilverArt
    Supported by the Czech Film Fund, the Slovak Audiovisual Fund

    Invalid (Slovakia, Czech Republic)
    Directed by Jonáš Karásek
    Produced by AZYL Production 
    Coproduced by the Radio and Television SlovakiaHomeMediaCinemArt
    Supported by the Slovak Audiovisual Fund

    She – Hero / Mimi (Slovakia)
    Directed by Mira Fornay
    Produced by MIRAFOX
    Coproduced by RTVS
    Supported by the Slovak Audiovisual Fund, the Bratislava City Foundation

    Perinbaba: Two Realms /  Perinbaba a dva svety (Slovakia, Czech Republic)
    Directed by Juraj Jakubisko
    Coproduced by Slovenská produkčná TV JOJ
    Supported by the Czech Film Fund, the Slovak Audiovisual Fund

    Photophobia / Svetloplachosť (Slovakia, Czech Republic, Ukraine)
    Directed by Ivan Ostrochovský, Pavol Pekarčík
    Produced by Punkchart filmsCinémotif Films
    Coproduced by the Radio and Television Slovakia (RTVS), Arthouse Traffic, the Czech Television
    Supported by the Slovak Audiovisual Fund, the Czech Film Fund, the Ministry of Culture of the Slovak Republic

    Power / Moc (Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia)
    Directed by Mátyás Prikler
    Produced by Mphilms
    Coproduced by Proton Cinema, the Radio and Television of SlovakiaNegativ
    Supported by the Slovak Audiovisual Fund, the Czech Film Fund, the National Film Institute - Hungary, Creative Europe - MEDIA, EurimagesKULT MINOR

    Revéillon / A máme čo sme chceli (Slovakia, Canada)
    Directed by Michal Kunes Kováč
    Produced by B Production
    Coproduced by Don Carmody TV, AZYL Production, the Radio and Television Slovakia
    Supported by the Slovak Audiovisual Fund, the Radio and Television Slovakia

    The Chambermaid / Slúžka (Slovakia, Czech Republic)
    Directed by Mariana Čengel Solčanská
    Produced by Bright Sight Pictures
    Coproduced by CINEART TV Prague, the Czech Television
    Supported by the Slovak Audiovisual Fund, the Czech Film Fund, Eurimages, the Czech Television, the Pardubice region

    Villa Lucia (Slovakia, Czech Republic)
    Directed by Michal Kollár
    Produced by KFS production
    Coproduced by  TV JOJMindset pictures
    Supported by the Slovak Audiovisual Fund

    We Have Never Been Modern / Úsvit (Czech Republic, Slovakia)
    Directed by Matěj Chlupáček
    Produced by Barletta
    Coproduced by DNA Production, the Czech Television
    Supported by the Czech Film Fund, Creative Europe– MEDIA, the Slovak Audiovisual Fund


    A Happy Man / Šťastný človek (Slovakia, Czech Republic)
    Directed by Soňa G. Lutherová

    All Men Become Brothers / Všetci ľudia budú bratia (Slovakia, Czech Republic)
    Directed by Robert Kirchhoff

    ANDY WARHOL: The American Dream / ANDY WARHOL: Americký sen (Slovakia, Czech Republic)
    Directed by Ľubomír Ján Slivka

    Emilia / Emília (Slovakia)
    Directed by Martin Šulík

    Hanging without Walls / Pozor, padá SNG! (Slovakia)
    Directed by Jana Durajová, Lena Kušnieriková

    Music by Kokava / Hudba od Kokavy (Slovakia)
    Directed by Michal Romeo Dvořák

    Notes from Eremocene / Poznámky z Eremocénu (Slovakia, Czech Republic)
    Directed by Viera Čákanyová

    Territory of Imagination / Územie fantázie (Slovakia)
    Directed by Paula Maľárová

    The Shift / Turnus (Slovakia)
    Directed by Jaroslav Vojtek

    Traces - Battles in Banská Štiavnica / Stopy – Boje v Banskej Štiavnici
    Directed by Peter Gašparík

    Truth Is All There Is / Pravda je to najdôležitejšie (Slovakia)
    Directed by Marián Brazda

    Unknown Fear / Neznámy strach (Slovakia)
    Directed by Erik Praus

    What You Did to the Russians? / Čo ste urobili Rusom? (Slovakia)
    Directed by Michal Fulier, Jana Bučka Kovalčíková


    Bobo (Slovakia)
    Directed by Veronika Obertová

    Crosswise / Krížom krážom (Slovakia)
    Directed by Nina Rybárová, Tomáš Rybár

    Forest Five: I Throw the Furthest! / Lesná päťka: Ja hodím najďalej! (Slovakia),
    Directed by Ivana Laučíková

    My Name Is Edgar and I Have a Cow / Volám sa Edgar a mám kravu (Slovakia)
    Directed by Filip Diviak

    Tony, Shelly and the Magic Light / Tonko, Slávka a kúzelné svetlo (Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary)
    Slovak Film Week 2023 panel discussion, credit: FB page SFWDirected by Filip Pošivač
    Produced by Nutprodukce
    Coproduced by NutprodukciaFilmfabriq
    Supported by Creative Europe MEDIA ,the Slovak Audiovisual Fund, the Czech Film Fund, the Czech Television, the Radio and Television SlovakiaEurimages, the Zlin region, the National Film Institute – Hungary (NFI)

    White Plastic Sky / Umelohmotné nebo (Slovakia, Hungary)
    Directed by Tibor Bánóczki, Sarolta Szabó
    Produced by Artichoke Film
    Coproduced by Salto FilmProton Cinema
    Supported by the National Film Institute – Hungary (nfi.hu),  the RTVS – Radio and Television SlovakiaEurimages, the Hungarian Film Incentive, the Slovak Audiovisual Fund, the Lithuanian tax incentive


    Returns to the Pictures of the Old World / Návraty k Obrazom starého sveta (Slovakia)
    Directed by Róbert Šulák