Indian Film Babu Shoots in Slovenia

Maribor Maribor photo: Andrej Jakobčič

LJUBLJANA: Slovenia, which is becoming a destination for Indian tourists and filmmakers, welcomed an Indian film crew returning to Slovenia to shoot 20 minutes of a film with the working title Babu.

The film crew arrived in Maribor, the second largest Slovenian town, on 13 May to shoot the first of three video dance sequences, which will be included in a two-hour romantic story. The other two sequences were shot in Ljubljana, Bled and Velika Planina during the previous week.

“Indian filmmakers love locations in Slovenia because they are very romantic and they usually include locals because they seek authenticity and variety – and in this case they used Slovenian dancers also,” Rok Ribič from Azaleja Global told FNE. The Indian producers originally decided to shoot in Slovenia based only on what they saw in photographs and recommendations from their tourist agencies.

Indian filmmakers had already visited Slovenia in October 2015 to film Mahesh Manjrekarja’s Rubik’s Cube.