PRODUCTION: Urša Menart's My Last Year as a Loser in Preproduction


    LJUBLJANA: Slovenian director Urša Menart has started work on her first full-length feature film My Last Year as a Loser, a drama which points out that in the last couple of years the majority of smart, educated and ambitious young people have left Slovenia or are planning to leave.

    My Last Year as a Loser is a film about disillusionment, shame and the gap between the overeducated, underemployed millennials and their parents, who had high expectations for their kids and feel powerless when watching them fail, Menart told FNE. A young woman, 29-year-old Špela, finds herself lonely, unemployed and stuck sleeping on her disappointed parents' couch in the midst of Slovenia's seemingly never-ending economic crisis. She decides to give herself until her 30th birthday to turn her life around, but a newfound friendship with a group of similarly fated losers threatens to even further prolong her extended adolescence.

    The film is produced by Danijel Hočevar through Vertigo in coproduction with NuFrame and 100.The project was supported by the Slovenian Film Center with 320,000 EUR. The technical support has been provided by Studio Viba Film in the amount of 135,000 EUR. The total budget is estimated at 575,000 EUR, Hočevar told FNE.

    Menart was born in 1985 in Ljubljana. In primary school she was a fan of Alfred Hitchcock, and as a student at AGRFT she made a short documentary The Vain Case (2005). Her last movie was What about Mojca? (2014, Sever&Sever), a documentary, which explores the role of women in Slovenian cinema, analyzing how the status of women in the society is reflected in film classics.

    Casting for the main roles is scheduled for autumn 2016; the shooting will take place in June 2017 in Ljubljana and its surroundings. Domestic theatrical release has been announced for 2018.

    Production Information:

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    Director: Urša Menart
    Screenwriter: Urša Menart
    DoP: Darko Herič
    Editor: Jurij Moškon
    Production Designer: Marco Juratovec
    Costume Designer: Tina Bonča