Slovenia Votes on New Cash Rebate Scheme


    LJUBLJANA: The Slovenian Parliament will vote today, 23 September 2016, on vital changes to Slovenian film legislation that would introduce a cash rebate scheme amounting to 25% of qualified spend for foreign producers filming in Slovenia and make changes to legislation governing the funding of the Slovenian Film Center (SFC).

    The Slovenian National Assembly will discuss the proposed amendments, previously confirmed by the Parliamentary Committee for Culture. The main change is that all foreign producers shooting on the territory of Slovenia will receive 25% refund of their production costs. Foreign film companies need to find a local executive producer, who can help with all the production activities and through whom they can apply for the funds. The new cash rebate scheme is expected to generate increased foreign interest in filming in Slovenia together with assuring the continuity of work for the local production resources.

    The National Assembly is also expected to confirm the changes to the funding of the SFC to eliminate the deficiencies caused by the prior adoption of austerity measures.

    Since this initiative comes from the EU with the goal to assure the existence of the national film infrastructure and to form specific environments with different European cultural identities, the proposed amendments are expected to be approved.