BOX OFFICE: Slovenia Sees Record Share for Domestic Films Since Its Independence

    At Hostar 2‰ by Luka Marčetič At Hostar 2‰ by Luka Marčetič copyright: Pro Plus

    LJUBLJANA: Slovenia's total cinema admissions in 2022 climbed up to the pre-pandemic numbers and reached nearly 1.8 m EUR,  whereas the attendance for domestic films increased up to almost 18%. It is a record share since Slovenia claimed its independence in 1991.

    The 2022 record is due to the success of the comedy At Hostar 2‰ by Luka Marčetič, produced by Pro plus, with 114,558 admissions, and two teen films, Gaya's World 2 by Peter Bratuša (Felina Films) with 75,998 admissions and Beanie by Slobodan Maksimović (Senca Studio) with 58,756 admissions.

    In the past years, the share of domestic films usually represented around 5 to 7% of total admissions. In 2016 it reached 10% thanks to At’ Hostar directed by Luka Marčetić and produced by Kerlc Film in coproduction with Iridum Film, while in 2021 it was just 2%.

    The top titles on the overall 2022 chart (according to unofficial statistics) are Top Gun: Maverick (with 150,964 admissions), Minions: The Rise of Gru (with 126,482 admissions) and At Hostar 2‰ (with 114,558 admissions), followed by Avatar: The Way of Water, which has reached 140,000 admissions after the first three weeks in 2023.

    Avatar: The Way of Water is currently the second highest grossing film in Slovenia since 1991, with 1,318,336 EUR gross and 143,474 admissions.