Eleven Slovenian Feature Films to Be Shot in 2023


    LJUBLJANA: No less than 11 feature films will start shooting in 2023, as the Slovenian Film Centre’s budget for 2023 raised up to 8,784,653 EUR (from 6.33 m EUR in 2022). Among the films, four are debut features and four are made by women directors.

    Vinci Vogue Anžlovar will start shooting Tartini’s Key, produced by Blade produkcija and coproduced by RTV Slovenija, in the spring of 2023. Anžlovar’s sixth feature film follows three kids in the coastal town of Piran and their big adventure which starts with a text message sent to a wrong telephone number.

    Five titles are planned for shooting in the summer of 2023, of which three are debut features directed by young female directors. Urška Djukić, who won many awards for her short animated film Granny’s Sexual Life (co-directed by Émilie Pigeard and produced by Studio Virc and Ikki Films), will start shooting her debut feature Little Trouble Girls, produced by SPOK Films.  

    Katarina Rešek – Kukla will start shooting the teenage drama Fantasy, based on her awarded short feature Sisters, produced by A Atalanta in coproduction with Supermarket, Zvokarna and NuFrame. Fantasy is produced by December in coproduction with Krug film (North Macedonia) and RTV Slovenija.

    Finally, Ester Ivakič will shot her debut feature Neither Voice, which is based on a book by Slovenian author Suzana Tratnik and which is produced by Temporama in coproduction with Dinaridi Film (Croatia).

    Jani Sever will shoot Ciao Bela, produced by Sever & Sever, which is a story about a teenage girl facing dilemmas at the beginning of her high-school period. Klemen Dvornik will shoot the Slovenian/Croatian/Serbian/Czech coproduction Block 5, produced by Aatalanta in coproduction with RTV Slovenija, Antitalent (Croatia), Living Pictures (Serbia) and BFilm (Czech Republic), a project that is additionally supported by the Czech Film Fund and Film Center Serbia.

    In the autumn of 2023 four feature films by established Slovenian directors and one debut feature are scheduled to be shot: Everything That’s Wrong With You directed by Urša Menart and produced by Vertigo; The Lost Son directed by Darko Štante and produced by Staragara, FC Freedom directed by Boris Petkovič and produced by Iridium film; and Tales of Friuts and Monsters directed by Gregor Božič and produced by Nosorogi.

    Until the end of 2023, Gregor Andolšek will shoot his debut feature Robbery!, a story about a professional magician, who decides to kidnap the managing director of an insurance company to collect the compensation claim. The film is produced by Temporama, in coproduction with RTV Slovenija, 001 and NuFrame.