PRAGUE: Two debuting Czech filmmakers will shoot in the rural northwestern region of Jeseniky, with assistance from the newly launched Jeseniky Film Office.

PRAGUE: Five large international productions are moving forward with filming in the Czech Republic due to the continuation of the films incentives programme (FISP). The projects applied to the programme in 2012.

PRAGUE: Films which have applied for tax incentives under the Czech Film Industry Support Program (FISP) have until 18 January 2013 to record their applications at the Ministry of Culture while the industry waits for ratification of the Czech Film Law which came into force 1 January 2013.

PRAGUE: The long-awaited Czech Film Law, which was adopted by the Czech Parliament on its second vote after overriding a veto by Czech President Vaclav Klaus, is waiting for ratification by the European Commission.

PRAGUE: The Czech film industry is celebrating as the long awaited new film law was passed this week by the Czech parliament.

BRATISLAVA: Controversial Slovak film director Zuzana Piussi has launched her new From Fico to Fico (Od Fica do Fica) online after Slovak mulplexes refused to screen the controversial doc which hits out at the Slovak government.

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