EFP Producer on the Move: Constanze Schumann

By FNE Staff
    EFP Producer on the Move: Constanze Schumann Constanze Schumann

    VIENNA: European Film Promotion 2012 Producer on the Move Constanze Schumann comes to Cannes as a part of one of Austria's leading production companies, Allegro Film (www.allegrofilm.at), which she joined in 2011.

    "The entire film was shot in Brownsville, Texas, USA, with an Austrian crew and a first time Austrian director, and setting up the whole production over there was a challenge," Schumann told FNE. Inside America premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival (www.tiff.net) and was selected for the Pusan (www.biff.kr), Sarajevo (www.sff.ba), Thessaloniki (www.filmfestival.gr), Göteborg (www.giff.se) and SXSW film festivals (sxsw.com/film), among others. It won the Special Jury Award at the Film Festival Max Ophüls Preis in Saarbrücken (www.max-ophuels-preis.de) and had three nominations at the Austrian Film Awards, including Best Picture.


    Looking back at her experience so far Schumann observes, "the most difficult and at the same time most important task of a film producer is finding the right content, the right script." She tells FNE, "I like to tell a story, either to touch the audience or to make them learn about something new, at best both. I like to pick a script or to develop an idea, to package the team and to create something unique."

    At Allegro Film (www.allegrofilm.at) she is currently developing Marie Kreutzer's feature film Gruber is Leaving and Barbara Eder's documentary Online Dating - How to Find a Date by Friday, both of them set to premiere in 2013. Joining one of the leading production companies in Austria set high standards for the young producer. "Allegro Film is producing challenging films close to their audience. We are focused on feature films, international documentaries for the big screen, and have a passion for high quality genre films. We are looking for the same in potential coproducers," she says. Schumann adds that Allegro is looking forward to continuing coproducing with companies in Germany, Switzerland, UK and France and finding new partners from the Scandinavian countries.

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