Bulgaria’s National Film Center Reopens Grants Sessions

By Pavlina Jeleva

    SOFIA: The National Film Center (www.nfc.bg) will hold a grants session during the second half of 2011. Due to heavy financial restrictions the normal selection process of the film finding institution had been stopped for more than one year.

    The sessions will be held on a regular basis and will cover features, documentaries, animations, national and international co-productions.

    The decisions for feature projects will be taken on 28 November 2011; for documentaries on 17 October 2011; and for animation on 19 October 2011. A regular selection session will also be held for national co-productions with Bulgarian National Television (www.bnt.bg) and/or with other national broadcasters. An extraordinary session will deal with international film co-productions already supported by non-Bulgarian national institutions and/or non Bulgarian broadcasters in November 2011.

    There will be financial ceilings for each session. Support of feature projects should not surpass €1,350,000; for documentaries €250,000; for animation €150,000; and for international co-productions €250,000.

    "There were calls that the NFC should not undertake any activities in favor of new sessions before it pays back its debts to producers with whom it has unfulfilled agreements. On the other hand, if we stop the selection process for a longer time, we will break the continuity of film production. In order to have films in the near future, we must supply the market with projects now. Otherwise we will fall into a vacuum," acting NFC director Irina Kanusheva stated.