PRODUCTION: Missing Fetine in Postproduction

    Missing Fetine by Yeliz Shukri Missing Fetine by Yeliz Shukri

    NICOSIA: The 60-minute social/human rights documentary Missing Fetine is in the postproduction stage.

    The documentary, directed by Yeliz Shukri, is about the lost generation of many Muslim girls from Cyprus who married Arab Muslim men that were visiting the island between the 1920s and 1940s. After they were married, these girls left with their husbands to go to the Middle East, cutting them off from their Cypriot families.

    Missing Fetine follows Pembe Mentesh, a 39-year-old Cypriot Muslim woman who was born in Australia, as she searches for the whereabouts of Fetine, her great aunt. Fetine was forced to marry a Palestinian man in 1935 and moved away from her family. The search leads Pembe Mentesh to the West Bank, Palestine and Amman.

    The documentary will be completed at the end of 2016 and it will have its premiere at the International Limassol Documentary Festival in 2017. Television rights for Greece have been licensed to Greek Parliament TV. Channels in the Middle East and the US have also shown interest in the documentary.

    The film is a coproduction between Tetraktys Films Ltd., The Cyprus Advisory Committee of Cyprus, with the support of Media Development Programme of the European Union and was developed through STORYDOC and MEDIMED workshops.

    The film’s distribution and sales is handled by Tetraktys Films Ltd.

    The budget for Missing Fetine is 160,000 EUR.

    Production Information:

    Tetraktys Films Ltd,
    95, Kerynia Avenue, apt. 201,
    Agglanjia 2113,
    Phone:+357 22 337433
    Fax:+357 22 339286

    Director: Yeliz Shukri
    DOP: George Rahmatoulin