PRODUCTION: Greek Minds at Work in Development


    NICOSIA: Director-producer and founder of Tetraktys Films Ltd, Stavros Papageorgiou is developing the 60 minute documentary Greek Minds at Work, the first creative space technology documentary ever produced in Cyprus.

    The documentary will follow the work of a number of university students and scientists from Greece and Cyprus who will team-up with Dr, Periklis Papadopoulos to implement a challenging space project by 2018 where a network of 6 to 12 cube satellites will be placed in orbit to perform scientific tasks. 

    Papadopoulos, who is a doctor of philosophy in the area of Aeronautics and Astronautics, a professor at San Jose State University in California and a NASA associate, believes that this team from Greece and Cyprus will prove to the world once again that when Greek minds are at work, they can perform miracles.

    Tetrakyts Films Ltd is the production company behind Greek Minds at Work and is currently looking for coproducers. The Cyprus Space Exploration organisation (CSEO) has already shown interest in supporting the project.

    The development budget is approximately 50,000 EURO and the production budget is set at 400,000 EURO.

    “We have invested 5,000 EURO for the development of the documentary so far. With this seed money we were able to do some preliminary shooting in the USA, at the Canaveral Space Centre in Orlando, Florida and at Silicon Valley, San Jose, California, to prepare a pilot for pitching.  It is imperative to secure the full amount needed for its development. Therefore I have already applied to the Creative Europe Media Development programme, acquiring 25,000 Euro and if the funding programme from the Cyprus Cinema Advisory Committee becomes active again this Fall, we will apply for the remaining development support,” Papageorgiou told FNE.

    Production is planned to start in 2017 and release is planned for 2018.

    Production Information:
    Tetraktys Films Ltd,
    95, Kerynia Avenue, apt. 201,
    Agglanjia 2113,
    Phone:+357 22 337433
    Fax:+357 22 339286
    Μobile:+357 99 694407
    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

    Producer, Director and Scriptwriter: Stavros Papageorgiou
    DoP: Hektor Papageorgiou