1944 Sets an All-time Opening Record in Estonia

    1944 by Elmo Nüganen 1944 by Elmo Nüganen

    TALLINN: Elmo Nüganen’s historical epic 1944 has set a new opening weekend record in Estonia with 19,030 admissions.

    The rollout of the film was scheduled to profit from the annual celebrations of Estonia’s Independence Day on February 24.

    Elmo Nüganen, who starred in Zaza Urushadze’s Estonian/Georgian coproduction Tangerines (Allfilm, Cinema 24), re-united the team behind Names in Marble, the previous opening weekend hit that topped the BO in 2002. Kris Taska produced with Finland’s MRP Matila Röhr Productions. The reported budget of the film was 1.5 m EUR.

    Eyewell is handling international sales.