Estonia’s Producers Plan for a Film Production Centre

    Tallin Tallin photo credit: www.podroze.onet.pl

    TALLINN: A cluster of Estonian film production companies united into the joint company Tallinn Film Wonderland, is planning to build the Baltics’ largest film production hub in Tallinn by the end of 2018. The complex will be situated in a formerly industrial area close to the centre of Tallinn on the land owned by Sonny Aswani, a business magnate from Singapore with decades-long business experience in Estonia.

    The team behind the initiative includes six production companies: Allfilm, Taska Productions, Nafta Films, Stellar Films, Kinosaurus Film, Filmivabrik and the Estonian Film Industry Cluster, which unites 17 film producers.

    Tallinn Film Wonderland CEO Liina Maria Lepikg hopes that the centre will be launched by the end of 2018 with the help of a grant from Enterprise Estonia, the country’s industry support organisation. The overall setup budget for the project is undisclosed.

    Tallinn Film Wonderland will have three purpose-built sound stages, some of the largest in the Baltic Sea area, which can be combined into one mega-stage, plus a refurbished office building for companies, postproduction and ancillary services. The initiative is looking to compliment the cash rebate system in Estonia launched in 2016, luring in foreign production from features, TV series to advertising as Estonia currently has no purpose-built sound stages for audiovisual productions.