First Latvian/Indian Drama Manny Released in Cinemas in Latvia

    Manny by Dace Pūce Manny by Dace Pūce publicity still

    RIGA: The first-ever Latvian/Indian coproduction Manny, directed by Latvian director Dace Pūce, was released on 7 May in Latvian cinemas. The film is produced by Latvia’s Marana Productions and India’s Sonal Sehgal Films.

    Manny is a psychological drama about a young Indian woman who arrives in Latvia to work on her autobiographical novel. Events take an unexpected turn and the main protagonist, played by Indian actress Sonal Sehgal, finds herself in a consuming relationship, where reality is muddled with fantasy and the involvement of artificial intelligence. Besides Sehgal, the cast consists of Latvian actors, Jurijs Djakonovs, Dārta Daneviča and Egons Dombrovskis.

    Manny is the first Latvian/Indian coproduction. It was entirely shot in Latvia, in less than two weeks. The film was financed entirely by Indian private investors

    The film has already premiered in festivals around the globe, including the Miami International Science Fiction Film Festival and the Indian Rajasthan International Film Festival, among others.

    The Italian company TVCO has acquired the film for international sales. Talks regarding Manny's release on Baltic VOD platforms are currently underway.

    Director: Dace Pūce
    Script: Sonal Sehgal
    Producers: Dace Pūce, Kristele Pudāne Marana Productions (Latvia), Sonal Sehgal Sonal Sehgal Films (India)
    Composer: Naresh Kamath
    Cast: Sonal Sehgal, Egons Dombrovskis, Dārta Daneviča, Jurijs Djakonovs, Tony Hawkins
    Sales: TVCO