PRODUCTION: The Blue Room in Production

    Still from Siwinski's animation "Little black square" (via tomaszsiwinski.com) Still from Siwinski's animation "Little black square" (via tomaszsiwinski.com)

    WARSAW: Tomasz Siwinski is completing production on his directorial debut The Blue Room, a short animated film made under the artistic supervision of acclaimed Polish animator Piotr Dumała.

    The Blue Room tells the story of a man in a coma. The patient’s critical condition evokes dreamy, disturbing visions which deal with his memories and fears. Imprisoned in a blue room, he needs to settle with his past to feel free again.

    “We decided to take part in this production, because as an experienced and professional production company we see what great potential Tomasz Siwiński has,” Se-ma-for Studio deputy-chairman, Adam Ptak told FNE. “Supporting talented debutants is our mission. The Blue Room is interesting in terms of artistic issues and technological angles. We appreciate artists who do not take shortcuts, but reach for rare, complicated techniques. We believe Siwiński is able to achieve an extraordinary success.”

    The animation is shot in stop-motion technique with frames painted on the glass and colorized in a graphic programme. The final effect should recall handmade pictorial animation.

    The Blue Room is produced by French Sacrebleu Productions and co-produced by Polish Se-ma-for Film Production. The film received 100,000 PLN (238,87 EUR) from the Polish Film Institute. The budget is 140,000 EUR. The year long shoot will be completed March 2013. All the work will be done in Poland.

    The film premiere is scheduled for September 2013.

    Director and Screenwriter – Tomasz Siwiński
    Visual Projects – Tomasz Siwiński
    Producer – Sacrebleu Production
    Co-producer – Se-ma-for Produkcja Filmowa
    Executive Producer – WHY NOT (FR)
    Production Manager – Katarzyna Gromadzka
    Artistic Supervision – Piotr Dumała

    Contact Information:
    Se-ma-for Film Production
    ul. Targowa 1/3 B. 24
    90-022 Łódź, Poland
    Phone number: +48 42 681-54-74
    Fax: +48 42 640-28-54
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