PRODUCTION: Polish Animated Children Series in Production

    "Flapper the Hare". Photo courtesy of Se-ma-for Studio "Flapper the Hare". Photo courtesy of Se-ma-for Studio

    ŁÓDŹ: The first puppet series to be made in Poland in 12 years, Flapper the Hare (Zajączek Parauszek), will complete production on its initial 13-episode series in April 2013.

    The series is produced by one of the oldest animation studio in Eastern Europe, Se-ma-for Studio, a two-time Oscar winning studio.

    Flapper the Hare consists of 10-minute episodes about an easy-going heroic hare who is curious about world and likes helping his friends. The series teaches children to appreciate universal values and the beauty of the world.

    “The series is an extremely important production for us,” Se-ma-for Studio deputy chairman Adam Ptak told FNE. “While shooting Flapper the Hare we feel as if we are coming back to our roots – the times we were making such popular children series as Miś Uszatek and Miś Colargol. Yet, Flapper the Hare has its own, modern quality and originality adjusted to demands of the contemporary market. Flapper the Hare is made in stop-motion technique that involves puppets. Some parts of it are digitally processed.” The first 13 episodes began production in March 2012. Following episodes are schedule for production in December 2013.

    The animation is shot entirely in the animation studio in Łódź, Poland. It is co-produced by Se-ma-for Film Production, Imagina Studio, Film Foundation Se-ma-for, and Se-ma-for Switzerland and co-financed by Polish Film Institute. The budget for 26 episodes is 10,712,000 PLN (2,576,610. EUR).

    The first season (13 episodes) will be broadcasted beginning September 2013 on Mini Mini TV Channel.

    Directors: Krzysztof Brzozowski, Jacek Łechtański, Luc Toutounghi
    Screenwriters: Wojciech Próchniewicz, Antoni Bańkowski, Julia Śniarowska
    Producers: Se-ma-for Film Production, Imagina Studio, Film Foundation Se-ma-for, Se-ma-for Switzerland
    Executive Producers: Adam Ptak – Se-ma-for Film Production, Christopher McGinty - Se-ma-for Switzerland

    Contact Information:
    Se-ma-for Film Production
    ul. Targowa 1/3 B. 24
    90-022 Łódź, Poland
    Adam Ptak
    Mobile Phone: +48 602 882 891
    Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.