EFP Launches Westwind in Russia

    Life Feels Good, Maciej Pieprzyca Life Feels Good, Maciej Pieprzyca

    European Film Promotion will present its first showcase of European Film Showcase, Westwind, in Moscow, 23-27 October 2013.

    Eleven new films will be screened in conjunction with networking opportunities for sales agents and buyers and a public panel on filmmaking in Europe. The screening will be presented by the films’ stars and filmmakers.

    The showcase includes one film from CEE: Life Feels Good, a Polish film based on the true story of a man incorrectly diagnosed as mentally disabled for 25 years.

    The complete list of films to be screened follows:

    Just a Sigh, Jerome Bonnell (France)

    Son of Cain, Jesus Monllao (Spain)

    Harry Dean Staunton: Partly Fictions, Sophie Huber (Switzerland)

    Shirley: Vision of Reality, Gustav Deutsch (Austria)

    Love Eternal, Brendan Muldowney (Ireland)

    In the Name of the Son… , Vincent Lannoo (Belgium)

    Matterhorn, Diderik Ebbinge (Netherlands)

    Sex, Drugs and Taxation, Christoffer Boe (Denmark)

    Life Feels Good, Maciej Pieprzyca, Tramway Film Studio (Poland)

    Wetlands, David Wnendt (Germany)

    Still Life, Uberto Pasolini (UK)