FNE at Connecting Cottbus 2018: October


COTTBUS: Romanian producer Oana Giurgiu of Libra Film Production and director Cristian Pascariu presented the Romanian project October at the 20th edition of Connecting Cottbus, taking place 8-9 November 2018. The film won the Transilvania Pitch Stop coco Award.

The drama about a boy celebrating his 18th birthday, who ends up on a suicide watch for his father’s 40-year-old best friend, is based on the director’s own experience. The film also functions as a coming-of-age story, with the two developing an unlikely bond over shared feelings and experiences.

Pascariu’s student film Deaf Rock’n’Roll was awarded at the Abu Dhabi Film Festival and Open Society Shorts. October will be his debut feature film.

The film has a budget of 700,000 EUR, with 150,000 EUR of the producer’s own funding in place. The Romanian company Hai Hui Entertainment is coproducing. Transilvania Film is the Romanian distributor. The producers are seeking additional coproducers, particularly a regional partner. Filming will take place in 2020.

Production information:

Libra Film Productions

Hai Hui Entertainment

Transilvania Film

Director: Cristian Pascariu
Script: Cristian Pascariu
Producers: Oana Giurgiu, Bogdan Craciun