FNE at Connecting Cottbus 2018: Paralysis


    COTTBUS: Producer Marija Razgute of M-Films and director Andrius Blazevicius presented their second feature film together Paralysis, one of two Lithuanian films selected for the 20th edition of Connecting Cottbus, which took place 8-9 November 2018.

    The script, about a 27-year-old student with a bi-polar boyfriend, who grows increasingly paralysed as she searches for him, is in its third draft, and the project is in late development with shooting planned for August/September 2019. The film began casting in the summer of 2018.

    The film has a budget of 950,000 EUR. It received development/script support from the Lithuanian Film Centre.

    M-Films was founded 10 years ago and produced Blazecicius’s debut film, which won six national awards in Lithuania. The company moved into international production in 2016. It is currently in development with a second feature film, Fake News directed by Karolis Kaupinis, for delivery in 2021.

    Production information:

    M-Films M-Films

    Director: Andrius Blazevicius
    Script: Andrius Blazevicius, Marija Kavtaradze, Tekle Kavtaradze
    Producer Marija Razgute