EU Supports Young Filmmaking Talent


BRUSSELS: Young filmmakers from Poland, Romania, Estonia and Hungary are among the five filmmakers who received EU support for their short films as winners of the #EUandME Young Filmmakers Competition. The films are now accessible on the #EUandME online hub.

Each film concentrates on a different theme of the #EUandME campaign, ranging from skills and business to digital, mobility, sustainability and rights.

The winners received support and guidance from #EUandME professional directors: Matthias Hoene, Tomasz Konecki, Zaida Bergroth, Yorgos Zois and Dalibor Matanić.

List of Films:

The Dream Cut (Estonia)  
Directed by Vlad Muko 

New World Symphony (Romania)
Directed by Eugen Dediu

Conspiracy (Poland)
Directed by Magda Załęcka 

Hidden Values (Hungary)
Directed by Levente Galambos 

The Sound of Mine (Spain)
Directed by Jaime Olias De Lima

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