Backed by independent producers, Polish filmmakers establish new distributor

By Katarzyna Nowakowska

    Warsaw (CentEast Daily News) -- At the CentEast Market, the Polish Film Foundation (PFF)-a new distributor geared for local and international promotion of Polish films-will present its first première, Jerzy Stuhr's Twist of Fate (Korowód), which will be theatrically launched in Poland on Nov. 9.

    "The idea to start the new company was born because producers felt somewhat unsatisfied with the way Polish films were being distributed and promoted," explained Krzysztof Gierat, CoB of the new company, which works under the auspices of Association of Polish Filmmakers until legally registered.

    Besides the association, the PFF is backed by major independent production companies such as Akson Studio, Filmcontract, Grupa Filmowa, Opus Film, and Studio A. The president of the association, Jacek Bromski, is chairman of the advisory council, which also includes the heads of state-run studios: Juliusz Machulski, Krzysztof Zanussi, Jerzy Kawalerowicz and Jerzy Chmielewski

    "The association has since long extended its traditional role and has become an active player in the market. We want the new distributor to take care of a new productions film in every possible area of distribution, also involving new media," Gierat added. Accordingly the PFF will deal with theatrical, DVD, television, Internet, video-on-demand as well as other distribution.