FNE at TIFF Romanian Days: Camera Obscura

    Camera Obscura by Gheorghe Preda Camera Obscura by Gheorghe Preda

    CLUJ-NAPOCA: Gheorghe Preda’s documentary Camera Obscura will screen in the Romanian Days competition of the 16th Transilvania International Film Festival (TIFF) from 8 to 10 June 2017. The festival will run this year from 2 to 11 June. This is the first Romanian documentary about the former film clubs that were popular during the communist era.

    The idea of the documentary came from producer and DoP Liviu Mărghidan, who was long fascinated by the members of the film clubs, who were all self-taught and were making films out of pure passion. The aim was to show that despite the propaganda films – the purpose of those film clubs – there was room for experiment.

    “What I can say after doing this film is that these people were more free in their passion than we are as professional filmmakers today”, Preda told FNE.

    Getting in touch with several of those amateur filmmakers was not easy, nor was finding such films because they were not officially preserved.

    Liviu Mărghidan produced through Scharf Film & Advertising with a budget of 100,000 EUR. Shooting took place during approximately 40 days in 2015. The film was released in Romania in November 2016.

    Camera Obscura by Gheorghe PredaProduction Information:

    Schard Film & Advertising
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    Director: Gheorghe Preda
    DoP: Liviu Mărghidan
    Editor: Marius Șerban