PRODUCTION: Across the Mountain in Development

BUCHAREST: Ileana Stănculescu, whose first documentary The Bridge/Podul peste Tisa won First Appereance Award at IDFA in 2004, is developing Across the Mountain, a creative documentary about the friendship between…

PRODUCTION: From Romania to Zion in Preproduction

BUCHAREST: Producer-director Oana Giurgiu is in preproduction with From Romania to Zion, a long documentary on Jewish immigration from Romania to Israel and the present relations between both countries. She…

Romanian Documentary Survey - 2011

BUCHAREST: Romanian documentaries were catapulted into the international spotlight with the success of several films in the last two years. Andrei Ujică's The Autobiography of Nicolae Ceauşescu/Autobiografia lui Nicolae Ceauşescu…

Obituary: Romanian Director Liviu Ciulei

BUCHAREST: Liviu Ciulei (88), one of the most important Romanian stage and film directors of all time, passed away in a hospital in Munich on 25 October 2011.

PRODUCTION: Niascharian (Let’s Revive) Films in Romania and Moldavia

BUCHAREST: Leonardo Tonitza has begun shooting a long documentary on the origins of the Romanian language, Niascharian (Let's Revive)/Niascharian (Să renaştem). Preproduction began in March 2011, producer Alexandru Iclozan told…

PRODUCTION: Portaits in a Forest Completes Shoot

BUCHAREST: Romanian director Dinu Tănase wraps filming 19 October 2011 on Portraits in a Forest, a contemporary police story involving a crime and an officer solving the case. Shooting started…

PRODUCTION: The Last Days of Ceauşescu in Postproduction

BUCHAREST: Radu Gabrea is in the last stages of postproduction with his docu-drama The Last Days of Ceauşescu, with plans for a pre-premiere screening on Christmas, the day the Romanian…

Romanian Ad Market Drops in 2011

BUCHAREST: The Romanian ad market is expected to show a decline of 4% in 2011, with light growth anticipated at the beginning of 2012, ZenithOptimedia/Zenith Media Romania ( estimates in…

PRODUCTION: Night Falls in India in Preparation

BUCHAREST: Spanish director Chema Rodriguez is in preproduction with Night Falls in India, a feature based on a script he wrote together with the Romanian filmmaker Cătălin Mitulescu.

Hello! How Are You? Sees Strong Sales

BUCHAREST: Alexandru Maftei's romantic comedy Hello! How Are You? Has been sold in more then 10 territories so far, representatives of the sales agent M-Appeal ( told FNE.

PRODUCTION: Wolf in Production

BUCHAREST: Bogdan Mustaţă, who won the Golden Bear for best short film in 2008,started shooting his first feature, Lupu/Wolf in Bucharest on 26 September 2011. Shooting will wrap on 12…

PRODUCTION: So Far, So Good in Development

BUCHAREST: Constantin Popescu (Portrait of a Fighter as a Young Man, Principles of Life) is in the early stages of development with De-aici vă descurcaţi singuri/So Far, So Good (working…

UPC Romania to be Auctioned

BUCHAREST: Due to the failed negotiations with potential buyer RCS&RDS (, the communication company UPC ( will be finally put on public auction, according to quoting anonymous sources from…

PRODUCTION: The Hatfields and McCoys Shoots in Romania

BUCHAREST: Kevin Reynolds(The Count of Monte Cristo, Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves) is directing the miniseries The Hatfields and McCoys: An American Vendetta whose shooting started in Romania on 12…

PRODUCTION: Domestic in Preparation

BUCHAREST: Adrian Sitaru (Pescuit sportiv/Angling, Din dragoste, cu cele mai bune intenţii/Best Intentions) is preparing to shoot his third feature, Domestic. Sitaru's second film, Best Intentions, recently won the FNE…

Shoreline Entertainment Picks up Ipu - Convicted to Life

BUCHAREST: The new film by Bogdan Dumitrescu Dreyer Ipu - Convicted to Lif , previously known as So I Say, will be sold internationally by Shoreline Entertainment (

Shoreline Entertainment Picks up Ipu - Convicted to Life

BUCHAREST: The new film by Bogdan Dumitrescu Dreyer Ipu - Convicted to Lif , previously known as So I Say, will be sold internationally by Shoreline Entertainment (

New TV Launches in Romania Fill the Gap of Closing Stations

BUCHAREST:: At least five new Romanian TV channels launching in 2011 will fill the void left by the closure of three channels. The latest addition is Mezzo Live HD (…

PRODUCTION: Life in Squares in Postproduction

BUCHAREST: The Bucharest-based young Serbian director Ivana Mladenovic is in the final stages of post-production (sound and colour correction) with an 84 minute documentary investigating the life of four 19…

Grand Cinema Multiplex Opens in Bucharest

BUCHAREST: Grand Cinema Digiplex (, which opens 23 September 2011 in Băneasa Shopping City ( in Bucharest, will bring the widest flat screen in Romania (22m wide).